Paul Goddard began his career in media advertising sales in 1997 as the national sales executive for Men’s Health magazine. The magazine instantly attained record advertising revenue and has continued to flourish.
    His distinct performance as an advertising sales manager led to his involvement in the financially successful launch of Shape magazine, Fitpregnancy and Women’s Health magazine. Most recently, he has led the national advertising sales team working on Discovery Health, Khuluma, British Airways Horizons, Spur Totem and BMW magazines.
    Over the past 15 years he has accumulated vast experience and developed an intimate understanding of ad sales in the health and fitness, travel and lifestyle title markets.

His consistent success in attaining advertising revenue is due to the close relationships he has forged with agency staff and direct clients across the country.
    For Goddard, media brokerage is a passion.
He is an expert at the ‘nine-and-a-half-minute ad sales meeting’ and is obsessed with delivering service and smashing targets. He is a sincere, dedicated and reliable bloke who is known to weep with joy when budgets are reached. He is the complete sales nerd.
    What’s not to love?

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